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January 28th marked the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson nominating Louis D. Brandeis to the Supreme Court. It was an historic nomination in many ways. Brandeis was the second Jew to be nominated to the Court and the first to be confirmed. (Louisiana senator Judah Benjamin was offered a seat on the Court by Franklin […]

After writing my last post about how Linda Greenhouse’s Brandeis Medal speech was published by the University of Louisville Law Review, I decided to go back and see how many other Brandeis Medal speeches were published there. There weren’t as many as I hoped, but there were still enough to warrant listing here. There were […]

Written in 1984, Philippa Strum’s Louis D. Brandeis: Justice For the People still stands as the definitive Brandeis biography. When Laura Rothstein was Dean at the Law School here at the University of Louisville, she was so taken with the book, she used to give copies of it away to visitors. The latest issue of […]