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If Brandeis had been “just” a lawyer, or had become an academic like many of his family members wanted, he probably would not be remembered today. But in addition to everything else, Brandeis was a great writer, and his activism and his seat on the Supreme Court gave him a platform to disseminate his philosophy. […]

The Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville had a big week last month. Every year or so, the law school awards the Brandeis Medal to individuals whose lives and work demonstrate a commitment to “the ideals of individual liberty, concern for the disadvantaged and public service.” This year’s recipient was […]

I have just discovered a rash of Louis D. Brandeis and John Marshall Harlan related articles. Here is a quick run down of them. Mel Urofsky has penned an article related to the upcoming nomination of a successor to Justice Scalia that has been reprinted in a number of newspaper. He argues that Brandeis was […]

Melvin Urofsky, author of Louis D. Brandeis: A Life and many other books and articles about Brandeis, has just published a new book. Titled Dissent and the Supreme Court, it is a look at how Supreme Court dissents helped form a dialogue throughout history that shaped how the Constitution is interpreted. I haven’t had a […]

The December 1, 2014 issue of The New Yorker has a great story by Jill Lepore titled “The Great Paper Caper.” It is about the theft of various items from the collection of Felix Frankfurter papers at the Library of Congress, and it raises interesting questions about Supreme Court secrecy vs. historical and academic interest […]

KET, Kentucky’s network of PBS television stations, produces a show called Louisville Life, which is a look at the people, places and history of Louisville. Next week’s episode will feature a segment on Brandeis and his connection to the city. Much of the segment was filmed in the room of the library here at the […]

Louis D. Brandeis biographer Melvin Urofsky has published another article on Brandeis: “Mr. Justice Brandeis and the Art of Judicial Dissent,” 39 Pepperdine Law Review 919-937.  The speech appears to be a transcription of Urofsky’s speech at Pepperdine’s annual Brandeis Lecture on March 24, 2011. The article is a brief look at the history of […]