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We haven’t received the Summer 2017 issue of The Green Bag yet here at the Law Library, but it has appeared online, which these days may be the only edition that matters. I’m being stubborn and waiting for my paper copy so I haven’t read the entire thing, but there are two articles I wanted […]

As interested as I am in Louis D. Brandeis’s uncle, Lewis Dembitz, I was quite happy when I ran into a recent article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about his great-granddaughter Shoshana Dembitz and her recent marriage to her partner of 18 years, Abigail Grafton. As interesting as the marriage is, I was more intrigued […]

About a year or so ago, I was contacted by a producer (I have since forgotten his name) for the radio show / podcast Back Story with the American History Guys. He said they were thinking about doing a show on the history of elections in America. One of the topics they were researching was […]

I am going to conclude this profile of Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle with excerpts of two more old Courier-Journal articles. Both of the stories here were related in the article I transcribed in part one, but I left them out because these two articles go into more detail. The article from my previous post described […]

I have started looking up old Louisville Courier-Journal articles for members of the Brandeis and Harlan families, with the goal of posting here anything interesting I find. First up is Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle, Lewis Dembitz. I have mentioned Dembitz before in my post about the Brandeises stay in Madison Indiana. He was Brandeis’ mother’s […]

In an earlier post I discussed materials I had found in the Jefferson County Historical Society relating to Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle and and his family’s residence in Madison Indiana. I ran out of room before I could discuss what was for me the big find. Back in the 1930’s, a journalist named Charles E. […]