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As interested as I am in Louis D. Brandeis’s uncle, Lewis Dembitz, I was quite happy when I ran into a recent article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about his great-granddaughter Shoshana Dembitz and her recent marriage to her partner of 18 years, Abigail Grafton. As interesting as the marriage is, I was more intrigued […]

About a year or so ago, I was contacted by a producer (I have since forgotten his name) for the radio show / podcast Back Story with the American History Guys. He said they were thinking about doing a show on the history of elections in America. One of the topics they were researching was […]

I am going to conclude this profile of Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle with excerpts of two more old Courier-Journal articles. Both of the stories here were related in the article I transcribed in part one, but I left them out because these two articles go into more detail. The article from my previous post described […]

I have started looking up old Louisville Courier-Journal articles for members of the Brandeis and Harlan families, with the goal of posting here anything interesting I find. First up is Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle, Lewis Dembitz. I have mentioned Dembitz before in my post about the Brandeises stay in Madison Indiana. He was Brandeis’ mother’s […]

In an earlier post I discussed materials I had found in the Jefferson County Historical Society relating to Louis D. Brandeis’ uncle and and his family’s residence in Madison Indiana. I ran out of room before I could discuss what was for me the big find. Back in the 1930’s, a journalist named Charles E. […]