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Everyone at my library is excited because we just received our copy of Table For 9: Supreme Court Food Traditions & Recipes by Clare Cushman, editor of The Journal of Supreme Court History. It’s a really nice looking book, with lots of photos, recipes and tidbits about the eating habits of the justices, both present […]

Contrary to popular belief, the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law is located at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky, and not at Brandeis University. Brandeis was born in Louisville in 1856, and while he never lived there again after he graduated from Harvard Law School, he retained a fondness for his hometown for the […]

The Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville had a big week last month. Every year or so, the law school awards the Brandeis Medal to individuals whose lives and work demonstrate a commitment to “the ideals of individual liberty, concern for the disadvantaged and public service.” This year’s recipient was […]

October 9, 2016 is the 100th anniversary of Louis D. Brandeis’s first day on the Supreme Court. To help celebrate the anniversary, Laura Rothstein has published on SSRN an expanded version of her post on this blog about Michael H. Roffer’s The Law Book, which is a compilation of 250 legal milestones from history. In […]

Today is June 1, 2016, which is the 100th anniversary of the Senate’s confirmation of President Wilson’s nomination of Louis D. Brandeis to the US Supreme Court. Newspapers across the country are marking the occasion with editorials. There are so many of them I cannot link to them all here, so I will limit myself […]

Rick Howlett from Louisville’s public radio station WFPL stopped by the University of Louisville Law Library the other week for a look at our nomination centennial display. While here, he interviewed Laura Rothstein and myself about the nomination and Brandeis’ continued influence on American law. You can hear the results over on WFPL’s site.

This is this blog’s first post by a guest writer. The name Laura Rothstein should be familiar to anyone who reads this blog as it seems like I mention her in about every other post. She is Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar here at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of […]