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It’s not every day you get a call from the White House. And since it isn’t likely to happen to me again, I figured I might as well write about it here. The incident didn’t end the way I had hoped it would, but at least I got a semi-interesting story out of it. It […]

It was Brandeis Day for the Louisville Courier-Journal yesterday (November 8th.) In anticipation of his birthday coming up this Friday, they ran three articles about him. First off, Mel Urofsky excerpted material from his new biography that featured Brandeis’ connection with Louisville. Then there was a book review of the Urofsky biography by Laura Rothstein. […]

I just finished the chapter in Melvin Urofsky’s biography of Brandeis on Brandeis’ creation of Savings Bank Life Insurance.  What I thought would be a dry chapter instead had a number of interesting parallels to today’s fight over health insurance.  Near the start of the 20th century abuses in the life insurance industry were exposed […]

(I wish I had caught this before Election Day but better late than never.) As part of their drive for Obama, the National Jewish Democratic Council released a video of two of Brandeis’ grandchildren, Frank Gilbert and Alice Popkin, endorsing Obama. As one of the individuals directly responsible for the creation of Israel, the issue […]