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In a previous post about a memoir Brandeis dictated to his secretary, I wrote about how that secretary, Alice Grady, helped run the public relations campaign for Brandeis after he had been nominated for the Supreme Court. The memoir was part of the information about Brandeis’s personal life that Grady collected for press use. She […]

In November 2016, I traveled to Boston to do some last minute research for my Quotable Brandeis book. While there, I took a train to Waltham to spend the afternoon rooting around the Robert D. Farber University Archive and Special Collections at Brandeis University. I went there in hopes of discovering a few “new” quotes, […]

In 1890, Louis D. Brandeis and his law partner Samuel D. Warren published the article “The Right to Privacy” in the Harvard Law Review. It is one of the most cited law review articles of all time, and Brandeis and Warren are often credited with creating a new legal right. But were they really the […]