Brandeis Mural About to be Covered Up (But Not Really)


Back in the year 2000, the Louis D. Brandeis Law School here at the University of Louisville asked former employee and artist Julia Ricketts to paint a mural of their namesake in the student lounge. Jules (as she was known around here) did a great job and ever since then his image has watched benignly over the students as they ate their microwaved food and watched their stories on the television. However, the law school has recently decided to remodel the lounge to make it warmer, both physically and psychically, and part of that process will be paneling the walls. So the Brandeis mural is about to disappear, maybe forever. (Actually, it’s not. See update below.) I like to imagine that one day in the future, the room will be remodeled again and the mural will be discovered, marveled at, and maybe even preserved. But until that day, the picture below will be about all we have left of it.

Update: I just talked to Susan Duncan, our interim dean, and she said that she had decided to preserve the mural. The workers are putting drywall (not paneling) on the walls, but they are stopping short of the mural. Instead they are going to put a wooden frame around it so it looks like a painting.

Brandeis Mural1

Update 9/3/2013: The renovations are complete and the lounge looks great. They have put in new furniture and wood paneling on the floor. They painted the walls a warm off-brown color and they even retouched the paint in the mural in spots. Here is what it looks like now. (Note: please forgive the quality of the picture. It is the photographer that is crooked, not the lounge.)

A picture of the Brandeis mural in the renovated lounge.


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