One of Louis D. Brandeis’ Speeches on Women’s Suffrage Posted on the Web


While rooting through the papers here at the University of Louisville, I stumbled across a previously unpublished speech Brandeis gave on suffrage on October 12, 1915. While not particularly earth-shattering in its own right, it does have some nice turns of phrase and it has been cited a couple times over the years, so I decided to post it on the archive’s web site.

While I am on the topic, this seems like a good time to plug the Writings section of the archive’s web site. You can find the previously unpublished “What Loyalty Demands” and “An Exhortation to Organized Labor” as well as other unpublished speeches, interviews and a transcription of a conversation with Brandeis. In addition, Other People’s Money, Business–A Profession, “The Right to Privacy” and the brief for Muller v. Oregon are all reprinted in their entirety. There are also links to all of Brandeis’ Supreme Court opinions. The site does not have every writing by Brandeis on it but it comes very close.

Update (7/12/2012): I have just added another two brief unpublished speeches on the importance of voting to the site.


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