Louis D. Brandeis’ Business Law Lectures Have Now Been Published


It’s now over 70 years after Brandeis’ death and amazingly people are still finding “new” writings by Brandeis to publish. The latest one is Louis D. Brandeis’s MIT Lectures on Law (1892-1894) as edited by Robert F. Cochran, Jr. and published by Carolina Academic Press. Brandeis’ Business Law lectures have often been quoted in various biographies and articles about Brandeis, but other than being on microfilm in a few libraries, the lectures in their entirety have been practically inaccessible to the average reader until now. The lectures were typed out and bound in a rather fragile looking volume that has been stored here at the University of Louisville since the 1930’s. The lectures are reasonably complete but they are somewhat jumbled together–the lectures are riddled with cut out sections and pasted in handwritten notes. Cochran (who, incidentally, is the Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law at Pepperdine University) has done an admirable job of piecing all the parts together into a readable whole. He also included a couple essays that examine how the lectures, which were written early in Brandeis’ career, fit in with Brandeis’ later views on trusts, bigness, competition and labor. (The first of the essays, the introduction to the book, can be found on Professor Cochran’s SSRN page.) And as an added bonus, he also threw in some of the course exams Brandeis wrote. You know, in case you want to see how well you would do in a class taught by Brandeis.

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