Josh Blackman and the Harlan Institute


In my previous post I mentioned Josh Blackman’s article about John Marshall Harlan’s constitutional law lectures. But Mr. Blackman has another connection to Harlan that is worth mentioning. Mr. Blackman is the creator of FantasySCOTUS, an ingenious porting of fantasy football to the world of predicting Supreme Court case outcomes.  Created two years ago, the site has become wildly popular, garnering thousands of users and notice from CNN and the ABA Journal. While fun, Blackman also realized that the concept could be used as a tool to teach high school students about the Constitution and the Supreme Court. Inspired by reading Harlan’s constitutional law lectures, Blackman created the Harlan Institute, which creates lesson plans for high school constitutional law classes. Or as their mission statement puts it:

“The Harlan Institute’s mission is to bring a stylized law school experience into the high school classroom to ensure that our next generation of leaders has a proper understanding of our most fundamental laws. By utilizing the expertise of leading legal scholars and the interactivity of online games, Harlan will introduce students to our Constitution, the cases of the United States Supreme Court, and our system of justice.  Harlan’s long term strategic goal is to develop condensed law school courses that can be taught at no cost in high schools across the country using engaging online programs.”

So I guess it could be argued that those lectures Harlan delivered over 110 years ago are still influencing students.

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