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Brandeis got quoted again on The Daily Show–this time in a bit on the new Arizona immigration law on their April 26 2010 episode. (Somebody on the staff of that show must be quite a Brandeis fan.) Also, a couple years ago, the library here at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law purchased a […]

Here are a couple recent items about John Marshall Harlan that caught my eye. Interestingly, they both are related to acting. I was well aware that there were Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln impersonators out there, but until today I had no idea that there was a John Marshall Harlan impersonator as well. Georgetown professor […]

In order to keep up with Louis Brandeis scholarship, I created a Westclip search on Westlaw. As result, I get about 4 or 5 articles sent to me every week–usually about privacy or about financial regulation, and most of them only tangentially related to Brandeis. But one this week really caught my eye: “Understanding and […]

John Marshall Harlan is still making the news.  Here’s a story from Monday’s (April 12,2010) issue of The Union Leader about a 1898 Supreme Court decision that apparently still making waves in New Hampshire.  The case in question is Collins v. New Hampshire (171 US 30) in which the Supreme Court voted 7-2 to strike […]