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After writing my last post about how Linda Greenhouse’s Brandeis Medal speech was published by the University of Louisville Law Review, I decided to go back and see how many other Brandeis Medal speeches were published there. There weren’t as many as I hoped, but there were still enough to warrant listing here. There were […]

Since 1982, the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville has periodically awarded the Brandeis Medal to “recognize individuals whose lives reflect Justice Brandeis’ commitment to the ideals of individual liberty, concern for the disadvantaged, and public service.” The recipient receives the medal in a public ceremony, at which they deliver a speech […]

It’s time for Louisville Magazine‘s annual Top Lawyers issue (March 2010), and who better to put on the cover than Louis D. Brandeis? Louisville punk rock legend Chip Nold writes an informative overview to Brandeis’s thought and career. He uses Melvin Urofsky’s biography as a starting point and then sprinkles the article with quotes, anecdotes […]

The 2010 Green Bag Almanac has come out recently, and as usual, it’s a blast to read. The Reader, for those of you who don’t know, is an annual offshoot of the journal, which reprints excerpts of pieces they consider to be the best in legal writing for the previous year, whether it be articles, […]