New Brandeis Biography Coming Out Soon


Mel Urofsky is unquestionably the premiere Brandeis scholar today.  Back in the 1960’s he and David Levy started publishing Brandeis’ correspondence in what became a 7 volume set. Since then he has published numerous articles and books on Zionism, progressivism and other causes Brandeis was involved with. During that time, he has repeatedly visited the collection here at the University of Louisville (as well as the collections at Harvard and Brandeis University.) He worked with Brandeis’ daughter, Elizabeth Raushenbush as well as his surviving grandchildren. He has taken those decades of research, as well as access to previously unavailable materials to produce a new biography entitled Louis D. Brandeis: A Life, to be published by Pantheon Books on September 22, 2009. As the publisher’s pr says, not only is it the first biography of Brandeis in 25 years, it will in all likelihood be the definitive one.

Check out the promo page for it at the Random House site.

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