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More spring cleaning, more rarities: While going through our collection of uncatalogued antiques, I found 4 previously unknown (at least to the current staff) books owned by John Marshall Harlan. Here’s a screenshot of the title page of one of them: (I love the subject matter of some of these 19th century treatises.¬† In addition […]

Mel Urofsky is unquestionably the premiere Brandeis scholar today.¬† Back in the 1960’s he and David Levy started publishing Brandeis’ correspondence in what became a 7 volume set. Since then he has published numerous articles and books on Zionism, progressivism and other causes Brandeis was involved with. During that time, he has repeatedly visited the […]

A new Brandeis book has just come out: Louis D. Brandeis¬† and the Making of Regulated Competition, 1900-1932 by Gerald Berk. It’s about Brandeis’ belief that it was competition and not monopoly that should be regulated and how that led to the formation of the Federal Trade Commission. For more information, go to the page […]