New Brandeis Portrait Unveiled


A new portrait of Brandeis has been painted and it had its public unveiling here at the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Maine artist Rob Shetterly has been painting a series of portraits he calls “Americans Who Tell the Truth.” Each painting is a portrait of an American with a quote of theirs etched into the painting. Past subjects have included Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry and Susan B. Anthony. A number of his portraits have been collected in a book that won a couple awards. He was in Louisville last year displaying some portraits when he met Laura Rothstein who suggested he add Brandeis to his series. He apparently liked the idea — the portrait is a striking piece of work.

Mr. Shetterly has his own website and you can view many of the potraits in the series there. Unfortunately, the Brandeis portrait isn’t there yet, but you can see it in this University of Louisville press release. See if you can make out what quote he used.

Update (2/2010): Mr. Shetterly now has the Brandeis portrait on his web page.

Update (9/2012): Mr. Shetterly’s Brandeis portrait will be on display with 39 other of his portraits—including ones of Muhammad Ali and Anne Braden–until November 11 at the Muhammad Ali Center (144 N. 6th St. Louisville).

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