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I realize I’m arriving a little late to this party, but I just found out about this article. Last year, Valparaiso professor Robert Blomquist published “Thinking About Law and Creativity: on the 100 Most Creative Moments in American Law” in 30 Whittier Law Review (2008) 119. Jumping off from a Posner decision in U.S. v. […]

The latest issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History (v. 34, no. 1) has yet another article about Brandeis. (Too bad these articles aren’t being posted on the web.) This one is about his relations with his law clerks. Author Todd C. Peppers used unpublished interviews with the clerks, letters written by Brandeis and […]

Among the Harlan papers collected by the Library of Congress is a listing of his father’s personal effects at the time of his death. Harlan’s father, James Harlan, was a former Kentucky Attorney General and Congressman as well as an avid book collector.  The inventory takes up 15 pages, 9 of which are filled with […]

Critics of Other People’s Money claim that the book is misguided and out of date, but its ideas keep generating discussion, especially in this time of economic uncertainty. Now Wired Magazine (of all places) has cited Brandeis in its latest issue. Their article “The Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transperancy Now!” talks about the […]