Brandeis Papers Web Site Updated


This isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, but the web pages for the Brandeis Papers collection at UofL have been updated. The law school’s web site got a face lift about a year and a half ago, but since I was responsible for the Brandeis portion of the site, it was left the way it was. The combination of the volume of pages in the site and other, more pressing responsibilities kept me from updating it.  However, eventually I ran out of excuses and I finished updating the pages last week. You can find the new, improved web pages here.

To celebrate the “new” web site, I posted a previously unpublished Brandeis speech that I recently found entitled The Regulation of Competition Versus the Regulation of Monopoly. It’s not, I admit, the most exciting of Brandeis speeches, and portions of it were reprinted in Brandeis’ book The Curse of Bigness. But it hasn’t been reprinted in its entirety since its first publication in 1913 and it’s a good representation of Brandeis’ views on business regulation.

BTW, this speech is just one example of the many writings by Brandeis that we have on our web site. Not only do we have landmark writings such as Other People’s Money and Business–A Profession (in their entirety), The Right to Privacy and his complete brief for Muller v. Oregon, bur also many other speeches and interviews that have never been published in book form. As an added bonus, we also have his closing statements in the Ballinger-Pinchot congressional hearings–a rare example of Brandeis’ courtroom oratory. You can find all of these writings here.


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