The Brandeis bobblehead is here!

Brandeis bobblehead vs. Brandeis action figure

Brandeis bobblehead vs. Brandeis action figure

The law journal The Green Bag produces a bobblehead of a different Supreme Court justice every year. This year it is Brandeis’ turn and I think they have out done themselves this time. Normally the bobbleheads are stand alone, but in a nod to Erie Railroad v. Tompkins they have put Brandeis on top of a locomotive. They also worked in references to New State Ice v. Liebmann and Whitney v. California as well. To get an idea of the size of this thing just check out how it towers over the Brandeis action figure I bought off of eBay last year.

The bobbleheads are free to all subscribers but you have to be able to pick it up from the Green Bag office at George Mason. We weren’t able to make the trip ourselves, but fortunately we have a friend in Alexandria who apparently doesn’t have any pressing demands on her time. (Thanks Shari!)

We’ll be keeping the bobblehead in the display cases of Brandeis’ books here in the library near the Warhol portrait in case anyone wants to come look at it. But no, you won’t be able to play with it.

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