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A tip of the hat to Kurt Metzmeier, who pointed this out to me. While many of the archival articles available on the NY Times web are only available for a fee, the articles that have fallen into the public domain (1851 to somewhere in the 1920’s) are all available for free. That means that […]

“Louis Brandeis: The People’s Attorney,” a new documentary about Brandeis has been popping up on PBS stations across the country. The documentary was commissioned by the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (aka SBLI) in honor of their 100th anniversary. Brandeis, among his many other accomplishments, created the system of savings bank life insurance […]

A recent article in the Nebraska Law Review by University of Kentucky Nicole Huberfeld applies Brandeis’ classic treatise against interlocking directories in a look at the management of nonprofit healthcare compaines. “Other People’s Money” and other aspects of Brandeis’ economic philosophy has been getting a lot of bashing from Chicago School economists and legal theorists […]

Brandeis also gets his share of the spotlight in the Dissenters issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History in Jonathan Lurie’s article “Chief Justice Taft and Dissents: Down With the Brandeis Briefs!” The article is a preview of Lurie’s upcoming biography of Taft and is basically a panegyric to Taft’s days as Chief Justice. […]

The latest issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History (vol. 32, issue 2) is devoted to dissents and dissenters so naturally they have an article on John Marshall Harlan. Linda Przybyszewski wrote an article titled “The Dissents of John Marshall Harlan I,” although it primarily about his dissents in Plessey v. Ferguson and the […]